Palmetto Brick’s evolution over our 99-year history has been guided by our original vision and mission. On the verge of our 100 year anniversary, we have updated our brand to modernize the look while representing the consistent commitment to quality and innovation. Just how our brick manufacturing process has evolved significantly over the years, we decided it was time to refresh our look. While our approach will remain the same, we now have a solid brand to support our mission. We create quality brick of strength and elegance, which is now reflected in our new logo. Check out our brand guide below for design specifications and inspiration.


The logo symbolizes the core of our company’s identity, quality brick and exceptional service.


The colors represent the best brick on the block. The fonts chosen represent the strong and elegant personality of our company.


Our custom photography continues to set the tone and feel of our brand. They reiterate the brand colors and top-of-the-line brick projects by showcasing commercial, residential, product, and showroom pictures.