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Palmetto’s thin brick selection allows the versatility to design with brick when structural and other considerations will not allow the use of standard brick masonry. Most of the colors in this brochure are offered in thin brick.

Our ½” lightweight thin brick products can be used practically anywhere. Backsplashes, fireplaces, interior walls, floors and kitchen accents just to mention a few areas where the beauty of brick can transform the ambiance of any room. By selecting Palmetto Brick Thin Brick, you’re choosing to design your project with the lasting service and rich appearance that only brick can provide.

Thin Brick Specs Table | Palmetto Brick

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Although every effort is made to keep colors and blends as true as possible, we can’t guarantee that the color and/or texture of the manufactured product will match the samples exactly.

For best results, order only from recent samples. Variation occurs in each production run from changes in raw materials and processes. If your color choice is critical, set up panels after brick are delivered and before use.

Further visualization of each Palmetto Brick is available through a representative brick sample.


Brick Specs Table | Palmetto Brick

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  • Protect brick on-site from mud by storing on plastic or straw.

  • Cover walls at the end of each day’s work.
  • Protect brickwork at the base of the wall by spreading straw, plastic or sawdust on the ground.

  • Palmetto Brick does not recommend the use of muriatic acid on light colors, pressure washing or sandblasting on any color to clean brick masonry.